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Creating a garden you'll love

Watch our video above to see how
we took on a challenging garden
remodel successfully.

'The gardens steeply sloping gradient was quite an intimidating prospect especially as access was very limited, hence the reason why others before HG Landscapes Woburn had assessed the site and turned down the challenge! We saw this difficult site as an opportunity to create something stunning and a garden that would be able to use and maintain easily for our client.


First stop was to gain permission from the neighbour to use a small overgrown side route into the garden, which enabled us to get a small excavator and a compact loader to the space. The steepness required extreme care when working with machines close to the excavated edges. Once the main structure of the garden had been built we were able to pave surfaces with wonderful materials; a sandblasted antique sandstone and a surface the walls with the copper drystack product, both high quality supplied by Marshalls.


The Clients were delighted with the end product
and are looking forward to their first summer
in their new garden!


Read what our customers have to say...

After moving into our house in 2010 we knew that our major project would be the sloping garden that had a rise of over 5 metres from bottom to top, numerous protected tress and limited access. 


We spent 7 years saving for the project and throughout this time we researched websites, blogs and retailer brochures and couldn’t find any examples of what we wanted to do, the closest examples were all from the USA!


We had various landscapers opinions on what might be possible but none gave us the reassurance that we felt after just a short meeting with Henry. Infact, some purely did not want the job – too hard! 



In late 2016 Henry helped us locate a designer, surveyor and begin the journey with us. The job started in May 2017 and ended in September (yes you heard right 3/4 months) which was purely down to the enormous

work involved. 


Henry was professional, attentive and reassuring the entire time. Always able to step back from a development or problem and work a way round it without having a meltdown
(well not one that he showed us!) When you are getting involved in such a big commitment, one of the most important things is a positive relationship and trust with the person carrying out the work. As they say, trust takes an age to earn and a minute
to lose!


Henry had our trust and repaid us with his hard work, fairness and the garden we now look forward to when the sun (finally) comes back out! 


We have recommended Henry already and will continue too.

Thanks Henry & Team, see you in 2018!

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